A Neat and Clutter-Free Conference Room

The FONE700 hub offers versatile connectivity to create a fully functional conference room while concealing all cables. With just a single USB cable visible on the table, it ensures a clean and organized space, promoting efficient meetings without clutter or distractions.

Optimized Audio Clarity

The FONE700 ceiling speakerphone boasts advanced features including Noise Suppression, Double-Talk Detection, and De-Reverberation, ensuring crystal-clear audio in any environment. With its state-of-the-art technology, it minimizes background noise, detects simultaneous speech, and reduces echo, providing unparalleled audio clarity.

3D Audio Tracking

After the initial setup, our ultramodern conference cameras will intuitively follow the speaker without any further input. Fully-compatible with AVer USB cameras, the FONE700 employs a three-dimensional detection system to locate the speaker with perfect precision.

Single Cable, Diverse Configuration

The FONE700 requires just one RJ45 cable for both power and internet. It supports up to four speakerphones with a maximum range of 40 meters, enabling optimal adaptability for different-sized conference rooms.

Seamless Integration with Numerous Devices

The FONE700 connectivity hub enables seamless integration of our full suite of audio-visual products, including external speakers and cameras, as well as external devices such as monitors and Bluetooth equipment.

Product Overview

  • 1Speakerphone
  • 2LED indicator
  • 1RJ45 out port (red)
  • 2RJ45 in port (yellow)
  • 3Tie-off point
  • 4M4 screw holes (x4)
  • 51/4'-20 screw hole