30X Optical Zoom Magnifies Details

Experience the exceptional power of the TR335N camera's astounding 30X optical zoom. This feature seamlessly operates even while the camera is panning and tilting, granting you the ability to accentuate content and quickly shift between shooting perspectives. Embrace the advantage of dynamic, crystal-clear video feeds through the TR335N’s unparalleled PTZ performance.


Presenter Mode

Get unparalleled tracking performance with Presenter Mode. This dynamic feature empowers presenters to venture beyond the stage to engage with their audience while the camera maintains seamless tracking.

Zone Mode

Zone Mode elevates your ability to capture content across multiple displays. Generate up to four dedicated Content Zones to consistently capture displayed information or items, prioritizing important presentation materials over the presenter's movements.

Hybrid Mode

Free your performers by enabling unrestricted movement with Hybrid Mode. Use preset areas for zone tracking, letting the camera seamlessly switch to a full view of each pre-defined location as performers move through the areas. If they move beyond these zones, the camera seamlessly adapts, switching to presenter mode to effortlessly and precisely track their movements.


  • 1Tally Lamp
  • 2IR Sensor
  • 3LED Indicator



  • 1PoE+
  • 2RS-232
  • 3RS-422
  • 4USB 3.1 Type-B
  • 5Line In
  • 6HDMI
  • 73G-SDI
  • 8DC 12V